CPVC Construction Defect Suit

Lawsuits Continue to Spread

Lawsuits Continue to Spread

Written by: Jessica A. Goldfarb More lawsuits – more parties; In the last couple of months additional lawsuits were filed,...

New Suits with More Defendants

New Suits with More Defendants

Written by: Jessica A. Goldfarb We’re back at the beginning – but with more parties to blame this time. Based...

CPVC Industry Resisting Claims

Written by: Miami Construction Lawyer | Alex Barthet You might think that the makers of CPVC products would be keeping...

Another Fire Sprinkler Lawsuit

It was only a matter of time. A second suit has been filed alleging extensive damage as a direct result of a faulty fire sprinkler system – a system which combined CPVC pipe with steel pipe.

Defect Claims 101: An Insurance Agent’s Perspective

America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, has also been known to be the land of litigation. So as a CPVC contractor it is incumbent on you to know that at some point you and/or your company may be subjected to litigation containing defect allegations.

7 Ways to Contest a Defect Claim

Written by: John Hanson Whether a project is big or small, it seems inevitable that construction defect claims will surface....

Is CPVC Fire Sprinkler piping the same as standard CPVC piping used for plumbing?

Written by: Jeffrey Bradshaw, P.E. , CFE No. The chemical composition of CPVC piping used in fire sprinkler systems is...


CPVC Construction Defect Suit Claims Billions: Is the Fire Sprinkler Industry in Hot Water?

Written by: Alexander Barthet Fire sprinkler installation companies are steeling themselves for what some plaintiff lawyers are warning could be...