CPVC fire sprinklers pipes

CPVC Industry Resisting Claims

Written by: Miami Construction Lawyer | Alex Barthet You might think that the makers of CPVC products would be keeping...

Another Fire Sprinkler Lawsuit

It was only a matter of time. A second suit has been filed alleging extensive damage as a direct result of a faulty fire sprinkler system – a system which combined CPVC pipe with steel pipe.

Is CPVC Fire Sprinkler piping the same as standard CPVC piping used for plumbing?

Written by: Jeffrey Bradshaw, P.E. , CFE No. The chemical composition of CPVC piping used in fire sprinkler systems is...

An Insurer’s Duty to Defend Claim

In today’s post-boom construction environment, claims by project owners of construction defects, wrongful or otherwise, are all too common. Because...

Construction defects: Fixing them can be risky

Contractors who discover defects in their work face two challenges: ignore them and risk liability, or fix the problems and risk destroying evidence - also known as “spoliation.” If litigation develops down the road, contractors that destroy evidence, even with the best of intentions, can wind up paying damages as assessed by a court.

CPVC Contamination

CPVC Pipe Contamination The Major Culprit

Dr. Duane Priddy, Sr., the founder and CEO of Plastic Failure Labs, a leading provider of plastic consulting and plastic...